Clay and Underglaze

from $60 – $80

this class is for

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All ages!


Kids up to 11yrs old $60, 12yrs up to adult $80

Make with clay and paint in one workshop!

class includes

• Materials for handbuilding (white earthenware and hand tools)
• Underglazes for you to paint colour to your piece
• Complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate
• A relaxed environment with background music for you to get in the zone

Perfect for those who want to make something simple and have it completed by the end of one workshop.

In order to paint onto greenware clay (unfired clay) – we use underglazes in this workshop. These will not blend and change in the kiln, so they are great to paint shapes and patterns with hard edges. If you are experienced with painting, you may also be able to get some beautiful watercolour effects using underglaze.

If you’d prefer to experiment with glazes that blend and morph during the firing process, you should book the individual classes Make With Clay & Glaze Your Piece. This 2-part workshop is also a good option for those of you who like to work slowly and don’t want to rush the process, you can spend the full 2 hours on making with clay and then use underglaze or glaze in your second workshop, depending on your masterpiece.

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