Make with Clay

from $45 – $60

this class is for

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All ages!


Kids up to 11yrs old $45, 12yrs up to adult $60

Make with clay – open workshop, make whatever you like!

class includes

• Materials needed to hand build your piece (white earthenware and hand tools)
• Complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate
• A relaxed environment with background music for you to get in the zone

A great class for beginners up to experienced hand builders. Beginners are usually encouraged to make a small vessel like a mug or bowl. More experienced clients can build whatever their heart desires, with our teachers on-hand for support and guidance as needed. This class is a slab method class, where you are taught to roll out the clay into slabs, cut and join them to make your piece.

This class includes a clear gloss glaze that can be applied by us after its first fire. Or you can come back in a few weeks and glaze your piece yourself!

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