Plant Imprinted Plate @ Towradgi Studio $70


this class is for

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12 yrs +

Use real plants, leaves and flowers to create a unique plate!


class includes

• Materials needed to hand build the plate (white earthenware and hand tools)

• Underglazes for you to paint colour to your piece

• Complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate (or BYO wine)

• A relaxed environment with background music for you to get in the zone

• We fire your plate twice and also will apply a clear glaze for you

• Plate will be ready for pickup in approx. Three weeks to take home and use or gift to a loved one!


Bring your own leaves or flowers from the garden, or come and use some from the studio (flat plants like ferns work best for this).


This piece is made by rolling out the clay and then cutting free-hand into a roughly circular or oval shape. You will then shape the edges upwards organically using your hands. Once you are happy with the shape, you can then paint it with underglaze to a colour of your choice. Our friendly teachers will take you from start to finish on how to create a beautiful plate with your own personal touch of Spring!


Pictures show what the plate may look like at the end of the class (i.e., these examples have not been fired or clear-glazed yet, and colours will deepen on completion).

look at what our clever creators have made...