Take Home Air Dry Kit


Create with clay at home, with no need for firing. This clay will air-dry and can be painted with acrylic paints.



Our clay comes from all around New South Wales regional country areas – a great way to support those in the country.



Hands are the best tools; however, we will get you started with a carving and smoothing tool to help you add character and charm to your masterpiece. If you have a rolling pin and cookie cutters in the kitchen or pieces of textured fabric like lace lying around, these are great for rolling clay and decorating. Our instructions will show you how.



We include hand-illustrated instructions that take you through the process of hand-building clay step-by-step. You will find this fun and easy peasy.



This is just as fun as making. On air dry clay, you can wait an hour for the clay to dry a little and then paint it. We include two colours of the best ceramic stains to paint your piece, as well as brushes. What we love to do and recommend for a great outcome is grabbing an old toothbrush, dipping it in the colour stains and flicking it over your piece for a crazy dot effect. Painting poker dots and anything you want is also possible.


Firing & Kilns

We are including air dry clay in our standard kits so that firing is not required. Ideas for making are animal sculptures, bowls to hold keys or jewellery, pots to hold pens and hanging décor. All these are perfect. It is important that the pieces made are not to be eaten or drunk out of.

In this kit, you’ll get everything you need. You can make whatever you like, and we’ll include ideas and instructions, too! Air-dry clay creations can be left to dry and painted within a few hours.


– 1.5 kg air-dry clay – A generous amount and enough to make a few masterpieces or share the fun with a friend

– Gift Tag

– Smoothing tool – sponge

– Scoring tool

– Making instructions

– Ceramic stains to paint your piece after it dries (non-toxic)

– Paint brushes

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